Campus facilities

Explore the ten campus facilities that make Campus Vlissingen stand out!


HZ University, Scalda, train station and the city centre are all within a 5 to 9 minute bike ride away from Campus Vlissingen.

But there’s more! The beach? 5 minutes. The cinema? 5 minutes. A forest with lakes? 5 minutes.

Accessibility of the campus

Coming to or going away from the campus is as convenient as it gets! There are two bus stops within a minute’s walk, north and south of the campus. These busses will bring you anywhere in Vlissingen or Middelburg in no-time!

For cars there’s easy access to roads in and out of Vlissingen and Middelburg from the campus.

Rent Benefit

Each of our studios has its own front door and mailbox and thereby qualifies for rent benefit. This will allow you to have a spacious studio with a vast amount of luxerious facilities for a very attractive price!

To learn more about what rent benefit is and how to obtain it click here.

Common Area Inside

In our A. Coortelaan 1 building you’ll find a marvelous common area decorated with relaxation in mind.

Worn out from studying for your exams? Worry not, in AC1 you’ll find several sofas, a pool table and even a cardio machine for those necessary study breaks!

Laundry Rooms

Great activities make great memories, but often dirty clothes as well! We have aplenty washing machines at your service as every main building has a laundry room containing both washing machines and drying machines.

Rent or Buy Furniture

Part of our studios come furnished, but not all of them. For the rest of our studios we have a vast collection of furniture where you can make your pick and decide whether you want to rent or buy it!

Of course you are also allowed to bring your own furniture.


We care a lot about your safety.

For that reason the campus is surrounded by a tall fence on all sides and cameras are placed throughout the entire campus. Outside doors can only be opened by a key and are meant to remain closed at night.

Safety regulations by the fire department are met in all of our buildings.

Campus Terrain

The possibilities of activities are endless with the vast terrain available for you to enjoy on Campus Vlissingen.

With a diverse terrain both on the campus courtyard and outside of the campus building there’s few activities that won’t fit!

Bicycle Cellar

Right under A. Coortelaan 5’s middle aisle there’s a large bicycle cellar split into two parts. The cellar is accessible from the campus courtyard through an electric gate to be opened by one of your keys.

There’s a parking spot for one bike per studio and two for each bigger studio, so there won’t be any queueing up to get a parking spot!

Car Parking

You have a car or commonly have visitors by car? Campus Vlissingen has three parking areas on the terrain itself that allow for convenient and always available parking spots, regardless of the time of the day.

Four buildings, four types of rooms

Number of rooms: 16
Amount of floors: 2
Number of rooms: 84
Amount of floors: 3
Number of rooms: 104
Amount of floors: 2
Number of floors: 54
Amount of floors: 3

Every studio features:

– own bathroom (with shower, sink and toilet)
– own kitchen (cooking stove, cooking hood, fridge with freezer)

On top of that:

every studio has its own house number, so you can apply for rent allowance.

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