Adriaen Coortelaan 5 north & south Campus Vlissingen

AC5: Adriaen Coortelaan 5 north & south

At Adriaen Coortelaan 5 North & South we find the campus’ largest complex as it’s connected by AC5’s Middle Aisle. Originally having served as a highschool, these buildings were completely revamped in 2015 and 2016 giving it the stunning look it presents today. There couldn’t be a more majestic flagship building for Campus Vlissingen!

Living in AC5 North & South is something that will speak to just about anyone. Its design gives a luxerious hotel atmosphere, saving even more space inside your room by having your bed as a highsleeper made possible by the beautiful high cealings. People typically living in AC5 North & South are a good mixture between socially oriented people who love to engage in gatherings frequently and people who are a bit more fond of their privacy, which is perfectly possible due to the excellent isolation. AC5 North & South can fit anyone and you’ll soon find it joyful living here!

Student rooms

Rent price starts at €517

– incl. electricity, gas, water, internet, gardening, heating, concierge, …
– excl. municipality taxes


  • Campus – HZ Vlissingen/Scalda: 1,9 km
  • Campus – centrum Vlissingen: 2,1 km
  • Campus – University College Roosevelt (Middelburg): 6,9 km
  • Also good connections to the roads of Vlissingen and Middelburg


  • Washing machines and drying tumbles
  • Car parking at the front of the building
  • Large underground bicycle storage room
  • Common polyvalent space
  • Cosy, spacious courtyard garden
  • Each studio has its own front door and mailbox


It’s possible to apply for rent benefit. You can see the conditions on this website. The costs amount to 18% of the all-in rent price.


Rent of buy your furniture from us: sofa, desk, desk chair, bed with mattress and closet.

Four buildings, four types of rooms

Number of rooms: 16
Amount of floors: 2
Number of rooms: 84
Amount of floors: 3
Number of rooms: 104
Amount of floors: 2
Number of floors: 54
Amount of floors: 3

Every studio features:

– own bathroom (with shower, sink and toilet)
– own kitchen (cooking stove, cooking hood, fridge with freezer)

On top of that:

every studio has its own house number, so you can apply for rent allowance.

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Are you interested in a student flat on Campus Vlissingen? Feel free to contact us and see how we can help you.

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