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Student rooms for rent in Vlissingen

The environment of Vlissingen

Curious about what Vlissingen has to offer for you? You came to the right place! Join us on a tour past Vlissingen’s gems

Stunning views around the campus that will surprise you!

I’m here to shine a little light on the beauties that lie around us; beauties that are often overlooked as you commute between home and school daily.

Bellamy Park: an area with many faces

Find out what appealing attractions are spread throughout Vlissingen!

Get blown away by the beauty of the boulevard, the beaches and its dunes

Vlissingen around sunset: where to go?

Four buildings, four types of rooms

Number of rooms: 16
Amount of floors: 2
Number of rooms: 84
Amount of floors: 3
Number of rooms: 104
Amount of floors: 2
Number of floors: 54
Amount of floors: 3

Every studio features:

– own bathroom (with shower, sink and toilet)
– own kitchen (cooking stove, cooking hood, fridge with freezer)

On top of that:

every studio has its own house number, so you can apply for rent allowance.

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